Managing the Database

1.- Subjects

Subjects can be stored in the database. To create a new subject click on the + button, insert a pseudo-identifier, select the patient's year of birth, the amblyopia cause and any treatment history.

Create a subject

2.- Exams

Select the subject and click on the + button on the exam bar. A floating window will appear for the selection of the examination period (Baseline: pre-treatment measurement; Follow-up: measurement during treatment; End-point: end of treatment).

Create an exam

3.- Protocols

Protocols can be created to grade your exams for future analysis. The name of the protocol can be the pre-treatment carried out. For example, you may have one protocol for refraction compensation and others for different therapies applied. All tests associated with the same protocol will be performed under the same examination procedure (e.g. same presentation distance).

Create protocol

4.- Export Database

You can create a backup of your database to Export it by email in a .CSV file that can be opened with any statistical software package.

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